I recently made my version of an incredible instrument, invented by Turkish musician Gorkem Sen, known as a yaybahar. It sounds for all the world like an electronic synthesiser, yet it is entirely acoustic. It uses springs as resonators, to transfer vibrations from two strings to frame drums, which in turn act as amplifiers. I recently recorded a version of the traditional song Port na bPúcaí with my wife Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh. You can see the recording below.

Port na bPúcaí – The Fairy Tune from The Blasket Islands, Co. Kerry. A fisherman heard this music on the wind one night and played it on his fiddle. The words tell the story of a woman captured by the fairies.

You can hear more of Muireann’s mesmerising music at

Here is a performance I did for Ireland’s Edge, as part of Other Voices

I play traditional music on the bouzouki, and often play in sessions around the country. I am part of the Online Academy of Irish Music, where I have a series of courses available for beginner and intermediate players. More information is available here: Bouzouki Courses

You can read a review of the course here.

I also make and play reproduction prehistoric instruments, bronze trumpets from the Iron Age and Bronze Age in Ireland. I usually play these as part of the Irish Memory Orchestra.


I have also started an ongoing music/folk theatre performance project called Pagan Rave. Further information on this is available on this page.