Pagan Rave

Pagan Rave is an ongoing, performance-based project which aims to reimagine folk traditions and calendar customs of Ireland. Using as a starting point the costumed figures of Irish and European folk theatre and seasonal festivals, it seeks to operate at the margins of place and mind, and embody the transformative and liberating aspects of masks and music in a ceremonial context. Through the use of archetypal costume and specially-designed musical instruments, a primal experience builds, as the line between player and audience becomes gradually blurred.

Taking its cues from folk religion and custom, it seeks to create a strong sense of ritual significance. The work of Walter F. Otto on the cult of Dionysus plays an important part in the underlying themes of these events, and liberation and release from societal constraints also feature as a running subtext, as a sense of the otherworld gradually becomes manifest.

Pagan Rave forms a symbiotic relationship with our sister project Aeons, the electronica band founded by Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh.


If you are interested in the project, get in touch here.